Documentation & Certification

  • Hold proper and valid travel documents; passports and seaman book. Minimum validity of travel documents is 1 year from the sign on date.
  • Hold genuine, valid and appropriate STCW certificates in accordance to his job level and flag state license requirements. Minimum validity of travel documents is 1 year from the sign on date.

Age Requirement:

  • The minimum of seafarer’s age is 18 years old.   
  • The maximum age requirement is asf:
  • Master/Chief Engineer: 55 years old
  • Chief Officer/Second Engineer: 45 years old
  • Second Officer/Third Engineer: 35 years old
  • Third Officer/Forth Engineer: 30 years old
  • Ratings: 40 years old

Pre-employment :

  • Strict medical examination, including drug & alcohol test at the appointed and recognized hospital/clinic. We have appointed 2 ILO/WHO certified medical clinics.
  1. Puri Medika Medical Center –
  2. Klinik Indosehat
  3. Medika Plaza Clinic (Petronas Medical, Oguk Medical and Lumbar X-Ray)
  • Arrangement of Employment Contract. Our company can sign the contract on behalf of the Employer, if case required
  • Briefing on Principal’s policies and regulations
  • Briefing on ship’s operations, safety and procedures
  • Provision of working gears (logo-printed boiler suit and safety shoes), in case required
  • Flag state license arrangement


  • Air ticket arrangement (for on-signer and off-signer) to any part of the world with competitive airfare. In this effort, we are cooperating with International travel agent to get a very competitive seaman rate
  • Briefing on travelling itineraries.
  • Visa handling to all countries, including US and Schengen visas. Our company is one of the registered and approved manning agent in Indonesia to process US visa for our Indonesian crew.
  • Domestic and local Transportation, in case required. The ex-crew shall be provided with the domestic flight to Jakarta before taking International flight.
  • Airport handling and departure acknowledgement
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