PT. Tiara Anugerah Perkasa look forward to employing dynamic positioned experienced and qualified personnel in all ranks. interested candidates please apply to us.

Crew Qualification:Career Crew Management

  • Each of our seafarer must have below requirement:  
  • Having certification as per STCW 2010 Manila Amandement.
  • Good competence based on education, training and experience.
  • Having adequate experiences as per position applied and type of ship.
  • Good command of English. We also conduct Marlin English Test.
  • Medically Fit by the approved Maritime clinic centre.
  • Meet flag state requirements, for certification, qualification and medical examination.
  • Other requirements as requested by Principals.
  • Cook certificate based on MLC 2006 compliance.

Pre-employment Training:

Training given by Principal (on-request) specially given for full set of crew joining with the with the subject of principal’s policies, Safety Management System (SMS) and ship operation.

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